Supreme Housewares Cow Shaped Whistling Tea Kettle

Have you ever heard of a cow that doesn’t moo? Well, this one whistles instead. Check out the Supreme Housewares Whistling tea kettle that looks like a cow! This tea kettle holds 2.5 quarts of water so it is great for any party, book club, or a casual night with family. Naturally, the cow comes with its own cowbell as an accessory, giving it even more of an adorable and personal touch.

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Detailed information about Supreme Housewares Cow Shaped Whistling Tea Kettle

The cow is made of heavy gauge stainless steel with an enamel finish, and it needs to be hand washed. The handle is plastic so as to avoid it getting hot when the water is boiling. Despite it being described as a novelty product, the quality of the tea kettle will not disappoint. Its quality materials and careful construction will serve you for years.