Stranger Things Portable Zipper Lunch Bag Box

Ever since the Netflix original series Stranger Things premiered, lots of merchandise related to the show have come up. All of them make great gift ideas and fantastic collectibles. The themed gifts keep getting better, and there is no better feeling for a fan than to own something a little stranger and show their love for Hawkins, Upside Down and the characters.

When it comes to Stranger Things merchandise, the sky is the limit, but this insulated Tote bag package tops the list as one of the best gift ideas. This lunch bag pays tribute to Joyce Meyer’s hopeless attempts when she was trying to communicate with Will at the Upside Down using a string of lights and the alphabet. The bag box carries the same pattern, and it will be a delight for an obsessed fan of the show to own it and take it with them anywhere possible.

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Detailed information about Stranger Things Portable Zipper Lunch Bag Box

The bag measures approximately 11.4" L x 11H x 5.5" W. It's lightweight, compact and can be folded flat or into a roll for storage. However, the lunch tote bag expands to fit in a variety of food containers for your convenience.

It's a portable handheld tote bag, with no shoulder straps. It has a smooth zipper to make it easy is for you to open and close after use and also keeps the contents intact. This is a great lunch bag for kids, teens, and adults.


Made of premium quality materials

Suitable for versatile uses

It has a compact, portable, lightweight design

Suitable for kids and adults alike