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StarMark Bob-A-Lot Interactive Dog Toy and Dog Feeder

Shopping for your beloved pup, or for another dog lover in your life? This is the ultimate present for anyone with a dog who loves to give them the latest and greatest toy. This isn’t just any toy, it’s an interactive toy that will keep any dog entertained for hours!

Coming in two sizes, small and large, you can pick the perfect toy based on the size of the dog you are shopping for. This toy hides both treats or dog food, and it’s up to your furry friend to figure out how to get it out! Two separate chambers make for multiple areas for your dog to figure out, providing a great mental workout, while also being tons of fun!

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The bottom of the toy is also weighted, making the toy wobble when it is pushed around, and making it more of a workout for the dog playing with it! You are also in complete control of how easy or hard the toy is- you can make it easy to find the treats, or make it much harder to really put your dog’s brain to the test!

If you own a dog, or are shopping for someone else who does, this is an excellent gift idea. Is someone throwing their dog a birthday party? Keep up with the trend of throwing parties for pets and show up with the best present- you’ll have a new best friend for life!