Classic Men Silk Ties

When it comes to men’s fashion,  there’s a much clearer distinction between casual and formal styles. Women can often use jewelry and all sorts of accessories to spice up their look and turn a casual outfit into a sophisticated ensemble. However, the men’s choice of accessories is much more limited and a lot less forgiving. Men can opt for belts, shoes and of course ties! A good tie can make all the difference and turn a plain old suit into a sleek, formal attire.








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Detailed information about Classic Men Silk Ties

The box comes with a pack of six silk ties all in different styles. They all bear the same dimensions with the height being 146 cm and the fullest part being 8 cm. This size is more of a mix of the slim ties and the extra wide ties. They are therefore suitable for most people that do not like the thin or wide types. Also, the extra length makes the ties ideal for use by tall men or those that love the long design after tying it up.

The advantage of getting these ties is that the top is waterproof and has a silky sheen to add on to the style. With these, you won't have to worry about stain marks if you accidentally spill your drink on the tie. The set has plain and patterned ties, so you get to choose your favorite motif depending on the occasion. They come in solid colors that would match almost all the outfits you have in your wardrobe.