Vader’s Little Princess Hardcover – by Jeffrey Brown

Here is a goofy book that is an absolute perfect gift for the Star Wars fans out there! Star Wars is as big as ever and the wildly popular series continues to grow with its many different products and memorabilia. This book is written by Jeffrey Brown and is titled Vader’s Little Princess. It is Brown’s sequel to his book titled Darth Vader and Son. Both books are proving to be great hits that are well-loved. Brown does a great job at adding a fun and silly twist to the relationships of these iconic characters from Star Wars. As the title and cover of the book suggest, this is a story about Darth Vader raising his daughter, Princess Leia.

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Detailed information about Vader’s Little Princess Hardcover – by Jeffrey Brown

This book is full of fun and simple illustrations and lots of funny situations as young Princess Leia grows into a “rebellious” teenager. The book is all about comedy and is quite an enjoyable read for Star Wars fans. Its wonderful for almost any age! The wording in the book is simple enough that even new readers shouldn’t have too much trouble reading it. With that being said, the youngest of readers may not get all of the humor in the book. It is rated for preschoolers and up. Vader’s Little Princess is 64 pages long and every page has great illustrations on it.