Star Wars Costumes Hardcover 

Getting a gift for the Star Wars fan in your life just got super easy with this book by Brandon Alinger and two more others titled “Star Wars Costumes.” This book is simply superb and an excellent definition of a high-quality affair.

It will be a fantastic gift to anyone who is a fan of the Star Wars Original Trilogy. The book will not only become an all-time keepsake, but it will also become an excellent reference for a fan. This is a high-quality book with great and intriguing photos; background stories backed up by all-time great forewords.

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Detailed information about Star Wars Costumes Hardcover 

The book has excellent and very detailed content. It's well designed with fold-outs, glossy pages, and perfect binding. It's an excellent reminder of costumes that adorned all the characters and have so far become iconic. Not a single fan will forget the very first time Darth Vader relentlessly matched straight onto Princess Leila's ship wearing his renown black cap and mask. Or the outfit Leila wore as Jabbas slave. How about the white-hard body suit? The Stormtroopers?

What the reader will see is excellent photography and extensive coverage of every costume by the characters. The photos are well shot and show every detail. For the first time, the reader gets to see great photos taken from Lucasfilm archives with original costumes from episode IV, V, and VI. The photos will reveal never-seen-before details.


A high-quality book, with detailed content and which give insight into the history, the process, and creation of Star Wars’ screen costumes

Designed with excellent fold-outs, binding, glossy pages, and a smooth finish

A great collection for a Star Wars fan