Star Wars Darth Vader Sculpted Ceramic Mug

Star Wars merchandise has always been popular ever since the movies were first released. One of the most well-known and popular characters in the Star Wars universe has got to be Darth Vader as he is instantly recognizable with his black cloak and helmet and machine-like hissing voice.

For those Star Wars fans that follow Darth Vader, there is a ceramic mug available that is sculpted into the shape of the evil lord’s helmet. The mug itself, sold by Vandor, is made from high-quality stoneware and is characterized by the bold lines of Darth Vader himself. The mug is totally black in color just like Vader’s own color scheme.

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Detailed information about Star Wars Darth Vader Sculpted Ceramic Mug

This mug is perfect for tea, coffee, hot chocolate or soup and is completely microwave safe; however, the manufacturer does not recommend using an automatic dishwasher to clean it. They prefer the owner to wash it by hand in warm water using detergent.

This is a lovely gift to give anyone who is into the Star Wars Universe generally or who is a follower of Darth Vader specifically. As it is made from ceramic stoneware it might not be a good idea for young children to use it, they may drop and break it.


This high-quality stoneware ceramic mug shows the bold lines and sculpted likeness of the arch-friend Darth Vader

Completely microwave safe so it is possible to warm up the coffee that has grown cold

This is a perfect retro icon yet completely functional as a beverage mug


This mug is not dishwasher safe - the manufacturer recommends that it is cleaned by hand using warm water and detergent