Disney’s Star Wars, “Being Darth Vader” Throw Blanket with Sleeves

If you ask any Star Wars fan, they will attest that Darth Vader is the most iconic villain in this show. His presence is characterized by his heavy mechanical wheezing that comes from his breathing apparatus. Not forgetting his jet black suit which is vital for his system and keeps him alive. Perhaps it’s the black mask, that is so emotionless and resembles an angry skull that makes this iconic figure stand out imposingly and fearfully.

But one thing is for sure, Darth Vader can be savage when he swings his ruby red lightsaber. You don’t reason with him or banter with him. But we all know that he wasn’t always evil and for every fan, there is a bit of Darth Vader in them. Wouldn’t it be great if the Star Wars fan in your life got a chance to be Darth Vader?

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Detailed information about Disney’s Star Wars, “Being Darth Vader” Throw Blanket with Sleeves

If you are wondering how this infamous villain could make a great gift, worry no more. This adult throw blanket by Stars Wars, themed "Being Darth Vader" will undoubtedly be received with a beaming smile by an overjoyed fan. They can finally suit up and become Darth Vader with a comfortable, snuggly cozy throw over.

This is a great throw over for the fans that would double up a Star Wars costume. It features one of the Star Wars Favorite Sci-fi characters in his full body armor. Why fear the dark side, when they cover themselves with this blanket and instead let the dark side embrace them?


Soft, cuddly, warm and cozy

Designed with long, oversized sleeves

Doesn’t restrict movement

It's colorful and vibrant

Machine washable

Available in other style themes