Star Wars I Love You and I Know Set of Rings

Shopping for the ultimate Star Wars couple? They may not know it yet, but they need this couple ring set. That’s right, we said need! Complete with a ring for him and for her, this is the perfect gift to get for any couple – whether they are newly married, married several years, or even if they have been dating long term.

This is also an excellent gift to give to your partner, especially since you get to keep one ring for yourself.! So, what makes these rings so special? Inscribed on one rings states ‘I love you’ and the other ring states ‘I know.’ Just like in Star Wars. Perfect for any Star Wars lovers, these rings are perfect for fans of the series.

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Detailed information about Star Wars I Love You and I Know Set of Rings

These rings are made from stainless steel, ensuring they are durable and are able to be worn every day. The ring that says ‘I love you’ is a size 7, and the ‘I know’ ring is a size 10. You will love how solid these rings feel and will love wearing them. If you are looking for the perfect Valentine’s Day or anniversary gift, this may just be the perfect gift you have been looking for.

While this is a cute ring set even for those who don’t know Star Wars (although, who are we kidding, everyone knows Star Wars!) it is especially meaningful for those who are fans of the series. Whether you get it for a couple you know, or you buy it for your partner to share, it is a great gift that will be worn for years to come.