Pinkold Star Garland

Garland in the shape of pink stars? Now, this is something that you simply must have if you are hosting a party, no matter what type. Whether it’s a birthday, anniversary or New Year’s Celebration, these cute, glittery pink star garlands are an awesome way to decorate your walls!

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Detailed information about Pinkold Star Garland

For baby showers or birthdays, or any other occasion, you can use this garland to decorate the room. You may also choose to decorate this glittery stars on the sides of your tables, on the window, or even shelves if there are any.  It’s basically a staple for any gathering you’re looking to decorate with a feminine touch. This is better than the garlands you get from dollar stores because the cardboard used for this design is thicker than the usual. So, for a really small price, you'll get a perfect and quality decoration that can be used for all occasions!