Smith Lowdown Focus Sunglasses: Brain Sensing Sunglasses!

If you are someone who actively exercises and works out, you know you have to train multiple parts of your body. The same can be said in sports. Pick Football, for example. If a Quarterback only trained his legs, but not his arms, how would you expect him to be able to throw? If a Running back only trained his arms, but not his legs, how would he be able to run fast? The point being is that when we train, we need to train all aspects of our bodies for better and greater performance. One thing that most people do not train is their brains. But, you may be wondering just how exactly do you train your brain all the while you are training the other parts of your body? Well, it is pretty simple actually, and it only involves Sunglasses. Wait, did we just say Sunglasses? Yep, which is why we here at That Sweet Gift now introduce to you the Smith Lowdown Focus Sunglasses!

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Detailed information about Smith Lowdown Focus Sunglasses: Brain Sensing Sunglasses!

The Smith Focus Sunglasses are not your ordinary, ‘protect you from the sun’ type dealio sunglasses. Yes, they act as normal sunglasses, but they also do so much more.  What are they then? Well, they are the world’s first ever brain sensing sunglasses. Now, what does that mean? What that means is that while you are training or exercising, if you wear the glasses they will monitor and track your brain activity with real time instant feedback. The way it does this is by connecting directly to the Smith Focus App on your smartphone. As you are exercising, the glasses can monitor your brainwaves and cognitive performance and then send the real-time data right to the app. Not only that, but based on your results, the app will then put together specific exercises based on what you already do to improve your cognitive functionality and focus in your performance. The glasses themselves have a battery life of 14 days of standby usage or 5 hours of continuous usage. After the battery dies, you can simply recharge it with a USB charging cable. The glasses dimensions are 51 mm lens width, 19 mm bridge width, and 150 mm arm length. The glasses also have BLE connectivity.