Apple Watch Series 1

For 41 years, one company has been exceeding the bounds of technology, exceeding the bounds of what it means to be a ‘cellphone’. They may not have created the ‘first’ smartphone, but they have definitely redefined what it truly means to be a smartphone. That company is Apple. There coined ‘iPhones’ are something special, but they also make other things not just phones that are absolutely amazing. They also have an incredible lineup of laptops, desktops, and even other accessories. Not until about 2 years ago, did  Apple create something truly revolutionary.  They created the Apple Watch, further exceeding the bounds of tech and redefining what it meant to be a ‘smartwatch.’ Since then, they have now created 2 more versions in just 2 years, and millions of people have bought them. We here at That Sweet Gift would now like to show you this one-of-a-kind piece of tech. This is the Apple Watch.

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Detailed information about Apple Watch Series 1

The Apple Watch is a watch that combines cutting-edge tech with a futuristic feel. The Apple Watch is more than just a watch, in fact, calling it a watch is rather an understatement of what it really is. One thing to note if you do not own an iPhone, you are out of luck as it only works with one. The battery is easily rechargeable and simply charges when placing onto the magnetic charging cord. The watch comes in 2 sizes; a 38mm or 42mm. The 38mm fits wrist sizes between 130-200mm and then the 42mm watch fits wrist sizes between 140-210mm. The Apple Watch also can be accessorized as you can get a band to your liking to wear on the watch. So, what can you do with the Apple Watch? Well, think of it as your iPhone on your wrist. The same things you do on your phone, you can do with the watch. You can answer phone calls, send and receive text messages, check the weather, make reminders, and more! Not only that, but the Watch is also a device to manage, track, and monitor your health. To set up the watch, simply connect it via Bluetooth right from your iPhone.