Here One Wireless Smart Earbuds

Don’t you ever just wish you could tune out that really loud crying baby? Or maybe it is the busy chatter of people at a coffee shop? Or no, wait, better yet, what if you have always wanted to tune out the world in general? Sometimes the world is a buzz all around us and it could sometimes just annoy the heck out of us. There isn’t a thing we can do and we just have to deal with it. Or is there something we can do? Well, a company by the name of Doppler Labs has just created these one-of-a kind headphones that can literally do just that. We now present to you the Here One Wireless Smart Earbuds: The World’s First wireless, smart earbud system that combines premium audio, smart noise cancellation, and voice amplification!

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Detailed information about Here One Wireless Smart Earbuds

Here One Headphones are not your average headphone. In simplest terms, they can be described as a hearing aid for people who don't need a hearing aid. The headphones themselves have 3-in-1 capabilities. The first and foremost thing they can do is act like normal headphones. The sound you receive from the headphones is of premium quality. You can hear a crystal-clear sound that comes with a powerful bass that boasts some high-fidelity, balanced, armature speakers. The second and last things these bad boys can do is utilize what they call is smart noise cancellation. The smart noise cancellation is capable of tuning out any noise around you or is even able to amplify any sound around you all the while having your being able to stay aware of your surroundings. Once Hear One is fully charged, audio streaming can last for up to 2 hours. Here One comes in Black or white colors. To connect your Here One to your phone, just simply download the free Here One app and it will then connect utilizing Bluetooth. Here One as of right now is only able to connect with ios devices. Here One comes with the Here Buds, a portable charging case, a micro USB cable, 6 pairs of silicone foam and lastly, 6 silicone tips ranging in S, M, and L sizes.