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Trixie Pet Product for Cats and Dogs

Who says game nights just have to be for humans? Dogs deserve to get in on the fun too! If you are looking for the ultimate game/toy for the special dog in your life, you have found the one. This complex toy comes in several different versions so that you can pick the perfect game style and difficulty level for the pup you are shopping for!

Choose between training level 1, 2, or 3, as well as 6 different game styles! You can get a gambling tower, flip board, poker box, chess game, move-2 win, or a mover toy style game. Each games comes with flip lids and slide disks that will entertain any dog for hours on end! Best of all, you can hide treats under the various elements, making for an excellent incentive that will keep your dog’s attention!

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Detailed information about Trixie Pet Product for Cats and Dogs

This is a game that will work your dog’s mind, while also providing them with a lot of fun. It is a perfect gift to give to anyone with a dog, they will enjoy watching their dog as much as their dog will enjoy playing with the toy! Everyone wins! Buy for someone else or decide to spoil your own dog for their birthday, or just because they’ve been such a good boy (or girl!)

Toys like these are excellent gifts and great opportunities to help improve your dog’s mental ability while still showing them lots of love and giving them something fun. Fill it with their favorite treats for an added bonus and they are sure to love you forever (although you know they will anyways!).