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Decorbox Happy Sleepy Kitty Print Cat Pillow Cushion

Any cat lover would agree that this pillow cover is a must! Cute and fun, this kitty cushion slipcover is cute and brings a sense of whimsy and playfulness, and is sure to be at home anywhere cats and cat lovers are known to hang out.

Whether someone is a fan of cats or a fan of Big Bang Theory (or possibly a fan of both), this adorable product will be a fun and fanciful gift. Sheldon of Big Bang Theory has the adorable quirk of needing to have the Soft Kitty, Warm Kitty song that is printed on the front of this pillow cover sung to him whenever he is upset or sick. It has the apparent effect of calming him down, especially if it happens to be sung by Penny. With any luck, this pillow cover will have the same effect for someone on your gift list.

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Detailed information about Decorbox Happy Sleepy Kitty Print Cat Pillow Cushion

Made of a cotton and linen blend, this pillow cover is well-made and durable, and as an added bonus it is cold water washable to keep it looking good for many years to come.

This item is conveniently made to slip over an 18-inch square pillow form available at almost any craft store.

  • Made from a quality cotton/linen (30%/70%) blend
  • Made to fit over a standard 18-inch square (45 cm square) pillow form
  • Colored with a muted grey/green beige that will go with most any décor