Lolita Designs: Thank You Wine Glass

It can be a challenge to find a gift that is customized to match a specific occasion or theme. Luckily, the market has grown to accommodate such ideas where you can get almost exactly what you need. For thank you notes, there are different ideas for gifts for loved ones.

For example, this Lolita wine glass carries the thank you tag. It makes it a suitable item to thank a friend, family member or colleague, regardless of the occasion. So, how does the glass pass the thank you note?

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Detailed information about Lolita Designs: Thank You Wine Glass

The wine glass comes with beautiful accents spiced up in color and style. It has hand-painted accents of thank you tags all around the glass. The stem of the wine glass features tiny colored accents which add on to the style. It is also painted in a bright gold color to complement the other designs. The wine glass comes in a beautiful gift box which is ready to give to loved ones.

More to the designs and styles, the glass comes with a cocktail recipe at the bottom, under the base of the glass. This is a bonus to the beautifully crafted wine glass that will impress the person you wish to give it to. They will love every moment enjoying their favorite wine in this glass.