Men’s Wedding Cufflinks

It is traditional at many weddings to give the father of the bride, as well as many other members of the immediate family and friends, special gifts to be a memento of the happy occasion. If they are obviously wedding themed the chances are that the special gifts will never be worn or used again, ending up on a display shelf or in a jewelry box.

They do not have to be expensive as their beauty is not so much in their monetary worth as more to do with the love and affection that the happy couple holds for their special guests. Often these gifts take the form of a small piece of personal jewelry which in the case of the father of the bride can often be a pair of cufflinks with a humorous slogan or image printed on them. This pair of wedding cufflinks is just such a small sentimental gift.

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Detailed information about Men’s Wedding Cufflinks

The cufflinks are made from brass and glass and weigh approximately 3g each. The overall diameter is 18mm while the place where the image sits is about 16mm (0.63”).

If you are organizing a wedding either for yourself or for someone else the cufflinks can make a suitable gift for all of the close male family. The slogans come in various types and are designed for giving to the groom, brother of the bride, brother of the groom, father of the bride and Father of the groom. In total there are eighteen different phrases that you can choose from. Some of the phrases might even be suitable for occasions other than a wedding. They can also be suitable for anniversaries, business partnerships, birthdays and many other special occasions.


Simple and elegant cufflinks, perfect for a memento of a special occasion without breaking the bank

A range of eighteen different slogans from which to choose