Secret Santa Gifts Ideas

Finding the right Secret Santa gift can be a real challenge, let's face it. After all, in most cases you get assigned with a person to find a gift for, and not always you know that person very well. Right? That is why we scoured the internet just to find the best Secret Santa gift ideas that are perfect for all personalities, age (teens, kids, grown-ups) and gender!

10 Things to Consider When Buying a Secret Santa Gift

1. What the rules are

In most Secret Santa situations, there is a list of rules. Many groups will designate a budget or a theme. You’ll need to keep these in mind as you shop. Play by the rules and you’ll be better off socially, and most likely financially.

2. Where the party is

Is this an office exchange, or a little get-together with your neighbors? Most often Secret Santa exchanges are for more distantly acquainted people, so the parties aren’t too extravagant or familial. Keep in mind who will be present as your recipient opens their gift.

3. How big the exchange is

Are there 250 of your coworkers in on this, or is it just your department of 20? As a general rule, the larger the exchange is, the less extravagant the gifts need to be.

4. Your relationship with the recipient

Even amongst a certain relational category, there is a lot of variance. Some co-workers, for example, get along beautifully and are great friends. Others never get beyond the usual office greetings and talking in meetings. The more familiar you are with a person, the more specific the gift should be.

5. What they like to do

What are their hobbies? How do they spend their weekends? Keep these sorts of water-cooler conversations in mind as you shop for your gift. Pay attention as they talk about their plans and see what you can learn.

6. What their style is

Are they preppy or sporty? Are you more likely to find them in a tailored suit or a beat-up pair of jeans? Keep these style cues in mind as you look for the perfect gift and try to give them something that complements their style.

7. What they do for a living

Do they work an office job or are they out in the field? Many Secret Santa gift exchanges happen at work, so odds are you have a good idea of what they do. Try getting them a little gadget for their desk or a travel item for their car.

8. Who they spend time with

Who do you see them with? How would you describe the group? If they’re always meeting up for a certain activity—like shopping, biking, cooking, or drinks—that can be a great clue for a category of gifts to look into.

9. How old they are

A fourteen-year-old and a forty-year-old aren’t likely to enjoy the same things. If you happen to be in a different generation than your recipient, it’s a good idea to call in one of their age-peers to consult and make sure they’ll like what you’ve picked.

10. What their favorite foods are

If you’re buying for an office-mate, you’re likely to know what their favorite snacks are—they’re always pulling them out and snacking at their desk. Replenishing a food supply is always an easy and pleasing gift.

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The Most Original Secret Santa Gifts Ideas

Secret Santa, Kris Kringle, Kris Kringel, or even ven lootjes trekken. This may sound different, but those are the names used in various part of the world to refer to Secret Santa.

Every year during Christmas season people exchange gifts. Both our homes and offices become a whole lot merrier - the mistletoe and holly decorations engulf every corner! However, this season also comes with scads of events. The parties and fun are innumerable. Who wouldn't like to hang out with friends and celebrate?

Preparing in advance for the gift exchange will save you a lot of troubles.
And the best way to do this is Secret Santa. Secret Santa is one of the most succinct Christmas traditions - it's Christmas to its very core. You get to spread that Christmas cheer, or even surprise that one person who has no idea that they are on your Christmas list. The double element of bolt from the blue is when they receive their presents only to find out you are the one who sent them that gift.

Surprise Your Loved Ones With the best Secret Santa Gift!

We may give all sorts of baloney that will plainly spoil your Christmas cheer, but it all boils down to this. A Secret Santa gift should be fun and full of surprises. Ideally, it should be wrapped in such a way that camouflages their character. Predictable gifts can be boring, after all, why not gift directly?

You have no idea, you say? You don’t know the guiding principle or protocol, and you’re petrified you’ll do something wrong? Don’t worry we can help you make a decision, or to save the least give you a couple of ideas. The overall point is to encompass fun, not to fuss over whether you’ve spent enough money to buy that present.

On a brief search over the internet, you will come across zillions of ideas on how to successfully organize Secret Santa. Go through one of our Secret Santa ideas; if you don't like it, (which is crazily unlikely to happen) leave a comment and suggest what didn't work for you. Or how we can improve.

Now that you have a deal, take your time to revel in the Christmas grit. Let your inner teen buff throughout and then try coming up with your ideas.

Have fun, and by fun, we mean big fun and remember to give out more this holiday season.