Sea of Thieves: XBOX Game

Ahoy Matey!  Do ye thurst fer plunderin’ ships stealing all the doubloons you can get? Do ye seek to be the greatest captain of all time? Do ye hunger for adventure? Do yer thurst for exploration? If ye do, then chances are you may want to be pirate! Sea of Thieves is a brand new game coming out this year for the Xbox One. In order to play the game, the user will also need Xbox Live Gold or else the game will not work. The game is a shared-world, adventure-exploration game about pirates. Everything a person has ever seen in pirate movies and heard about in stories then they can do in this game. They will have complete control.

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Detailed information about Sea of Thieves: XBOX Game

It is an Xbox One and Microsoft Windows exclusive game so it will not be available for any other gaming console. The game itself will also be on Xbox One X Enhanced, will support 4K Ultra HD resolutions, and lastly have HDR graphics. The game has no story to follow and no instructions. The user has and they can make the choice to create their own story;  like living their own adventure. If someone wants to create a crew and sail the seas plundering ships, stealing gold and exploring, they can do that! Maybe they want to fight a sea monster?! Or maybe they even want to sail solo? Whatever they like, everything can be done in this game. The game was released on March 20th, 2018, and is rated T for crude humor, use of alcohol, and violence.