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Running On The Wall Soccer Medal Holder

You have seen them running frantically behind the young ones as they blow whistles and yell. They are relentless in what they do, and their main goal is to see the young players perfect their sport and become a winning team. We are talking about coaches and their passion when it comes to training the younglings.

What would be a soccer team, or school’s co-curricular activities be without a coach? Is there a successful sports enthusiast who has made it without a relentless coach behind their back? Let’ all agree that coaches play an important role in our lives.

Therefore, it’s important that you recognize their selfless efforts from time to time with an awesome coach gift to make them feel appreciated. On that note, we believe this medal hanger will be one of the most memorable gifts you can ever give to a coach.

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Detailed information about Running On The Wall Soccer Medal Holder

The little joys of being a coach are to see their team overcome the obstacles and beat the odds to triumph and set a winning record.

The wins and many other achievements are some of the things that keep a coach motivated. So, let them take pride in what they do best by displaying their achievements in style with medal hanger.

It is made with high-quality vinyl. It’s incredibly durable, easy to hang, and clean. Additionally, the hangers are available in different colors and designs bearing great captions to match any sport.


A quality medal holder with 24 hooks to hold multiple medals

Available in different designs and colors

It has an inspirational message

Made of environmentally friendly material

The package comes with hanging accessories