Superga Women’s 2790 Cotmultifox Sneaker

With the sun out, it is time to pull out those comfortable shoes and walk through the streets for a sunny moment. That means having all-day shoes that will not leave the feet hurting at the end of the long days. There are many of these but, it depends on personal taste and preferences.

Sneakers come in handy for any casual day and are pretty comfortable to keep on the whole day. These particular ones from Superga are designed for girls and make the best pair for walks, running errands and events with friends. It is, therefore, a lovely gift idea for sisters, girlfriends, daughters, and friends.

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Detailed information about Superga Women’s 2790 Cotmultifox Sneaker

The sneakers have a cotton upper which makes them super comfortable for the feet. They are designed for a full fit for those that have wide feet. The upper is coupled with tie-on laces which ensure the right fit to walk in the shoes comfortably. Also, the laces allow adjustments right from the base of the toes for support and comfort.

The sole is made of rubber which is known to last long and resist normal wear. The sole design features a thicker base than the usual sole which gives the sneakers some sense of style. The bottom also has bright color combinations to spark some fashion on a dull outfit. The sneakers have a protective sole inside the shoes which allow proper toe fitting and comfort.