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Precious Moments – Home Decor Collectible Mug

Grandma is always an extra special person in our lives. She spoils us with treats and shows us the unconditional love that a mother gives to her children. She is always patient and knows when things are troubling us. She slips a bar of chocolate or a few pennies into our pockets when it is time to go home and always has the time to read to us from our favorite storybook.

Grandma is a really special person but for us to say ‘thank you’ we need to give them in return, something special to celebrate that they have always been there for us. This collectible mug from Precious Moments is the type of gift that Grandmas really appreciate.

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Detailed information about Precious Moments – Home Decor Collectible Mug

It will serve her as a daily reminder that you appreciated all the times when she went out of her way to give you treats and do things for you.

The mug also has a lid with a central handle in the shape of an open flower head. The mug is beautifully crafted from glazed ceramic, can be used in the microwave oven and if required can be cleaned in the automatic dishwasher. The mug is suitable for all the kinds of hot beverages that Grandma loves to drink and the lid will help keep them hot.

The mug measures about 5.5” high and holds about 16 fl oz. If Grandma prefers not to use it to hold liquids, she can keep the mug on a display shelf to hold her trinkets and other special treasures that she has collected throughout her life.


The mug is perfect for holding all kinds of hot beverages and for keeping them hot

Made from crafted glazed ceramic

Suitable to be used in a microwave oven

Can be cleaned in a dishwasher

It is big enough to hold a satisfying amount of her favorite beverage