Hartmaze Wooden Jigsaw Puzzles-Hundred Birds Paying Homage to The Phoenix

Sometimes, when you are part or have the privilege of knowing a big family, Christmas almost always puts a hole in your wallet. With all the people you need to give presents to, especially the children, it can become a struggle to keep it up year after year.

But you also can’t bring yourself to leave anyone out because you just have a giving heart. And with Christmas or someone’s birthday approaching, you have to make a decision now whether or not you will just give them a card or something like that.

Good thing you are reading this, because we are here to help you. If you have never heard of family gifts before, meaning you give one gift that the whole family will enjoy, then you are in luck because you can save your bank account from drying up come Christmas time. Presenting the Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle by Hartmaze!

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Detailed information about Hartmaze Wooden Jigsaw Puzzles-Hundred Birds Paying Homage to The Phoenix

A fair warning – not only are the pieces all unique and irregular but you also only get a small reference photo on the packaging so you will find putting this together very laborious – but that is what makes it so fun!

We also like how the finished puzzle is a convenient 290 by 290 millimeters in diameter, so wherever you want to start it, like your coffee table, living room floor or anywhere else in your house, it will not take too much space.


Challenging and beautiful puzzle

For the whole family