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Grow and Make DIY Tea Herb Garden Kit – Learn The Basics of Herbalism

There is a wealth of information everywhere about tea, which includes geography, history, preparation techniques, the different species of green tea and herbal tea, the cultural practices, and much more.

The world of tea can feel foreign and intimidating to someone who is not so familiar with it. This might make it a bit hard to shop for a tea lover who seems to have it all and also happens to be picky!

But since we are here to help, we will make sure you pick just the right tea lover gift. And our pick today is so unique and thoughtful so much that the tea lover in your life will actually be surprised that you managed to pick something they like and can use and enjoy!

Presenting to you the DIY tea herb garden kit by Grow and Make. Now you don’t need to go out there and shop for loose tea samplers when you can actually make the tea sommelier in your life grow their own tea! Amazing, right?

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Detailed information about Grow and Make DIY Tea Herb Garden Kit – Learn The Basics of Herbalism

They say don’t give a man a fish, but teach him how to fish!

So, instead of getting them a box of tea bags, you are better off giving them this garden kit which will ensure enough supply of their favorite tea blends.

Now they can plant tulsi, peppermint, Echinacea and thyme seeds and create a blend of healthy teas which are relaxing, help build immunity and relieve stress.

The tea kit comes packed with seeds which are easy to grow. It includes an information booklet which will guide the recipient on how to grow the seeds and use the fresh herbs.

This will guarantee a mini greenhouse on the kitchen windowsill easy to nurture and care for through the detailed instructions.

The kit comes with five types of seeds which come packed in packets, labelled individually.

The 12 labelled packages make the process of sprouting super simple, and the 8 garden markers provided will be used to label each variety after transplanting them.


Allows the recipient to grow unique blends of tea herbs

Includes instructions on how to plant and nurture the seeds