6 Color Changing LED Themes Speaker

One of the most exciting things about the evolving technology is the ability to have multi-functional appliances and gadgets. They make accomplishing tasks quite easier than it would be if one had to tackle a thing at a time. This has grown to the entertainment technology as well.

Over time, Bluetooth speakers have become popular with the ease of use and functionality they come with. They are suitable for everyone and have a couple of practical purposes for the entire family. This one from To sound can be a lovely gift idea for a college student, a family, friends, and coworkers.

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Detailed information about 6 Color Changing LED Themes Speaker

The Bluetooth speaker comes with color themes that automatically change in various settings. It has six different themes and turns the lights on or off by tapping and holding the mesh. The different color tones are great at any time of the day. For example, the soft light is great for the night and has a soothing effect. The Bluetooth speaker has an inbuilt MIC and hands-free functions.

It is compatible with most of the smartphones including iPhone, Samsung and other devices such as tablets and laptops. The Bluetooth speaker is suitable for camping, home use, travel, offices, etc. its wide range of functions makes it preferable for those that love listening to music. As a gift, it can be of help since the recipient can carry it around as they wish.