YJY Car Diffuser for Essential Oils with Color LED Lights

Wouldn’t it be great to improve the quality of the air we breathe no matter where we are?

This handy and portable diffuser from YJY can travel anywhere; to the office, in the car, in a hotel, literally anywhere it is needed, it can be there working to improve moods, soothe nerves and sweeten the air we breathe.

Everyone knows that the benefits of aromatherapy are seemingly endless. Combine the effects of therapeutic essential oils with this product’s ability to actually humidify the surrounding air and you have a product that improves air quality and elevates mood at the same time.

The car diffuser can be also used as a home gift, it can be placed anywhere you need it!

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Detailed information about YJY Car Diffuser for Essential Oils with Color LED Lights

By employing ultrasonic technology to diffuse the oils into the air rather than a standard wick, the potential for clogging is taken completely out of the equation.

What is even better is that with no wick, changing out one essential oil for another is as simple as could be.

A LED light is also incorporated into this product, giving a light show consisting of seven different colors around the rime of the diffuser.

These lights are bright enough to give a soothing glow, but not so bright as to interfere with driving.

The humidifying diffuser works on a continuous mode as well as on an intermittent mode (5 seconds on and then 5 seconds off) and the time between fills will vary depending on which mode the unit is set at; 3 hours when set on continuous mode and 5 hours on intermittent mode.


Functions with the use of a USB power cord plugged into a car or computer USB port

User-friendly and extremely easy to open and use

No wick means no plugging up and it is easier to change essential oils for a new scent