PopBabies Portable Blender, Mini Smoothie Maker with USB

Smoothies and fresh juices are healthy. But making smoothies daily can be a challenge, especially for someone who is always on the move and tight on time. Honestly, who has all that time in the morning to prepare fresh fruits and vegetables?

It can be strenuous when you busy getting ready to rush to work or school.

Now, imagine, if this smoothie lover was in a position to grab a few fruits of their choice, say a few berries and bananas and throw them in their backpack and later on at the comfort of the desk or car, blend a nourishing smoothie to sip as the day progresses.

And all this time they will not need to pack a bulky blender or a look for an electrical outlet to achieve all that.

Allow us to present to you the PopBabies portable blender!

With this little home gadget, there is no reason to miss a dose of your favorite smoothie just because you are at work or on the move.

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Detailed information about PopBabies Portable Blender, Mini Smoothie Maker with USB

This mini smoothie maker is a convenience and a must-have home appliance for anyone who is into a healthy living lifestyle and needs to take their drink wherever they are. It's small, functional, convenient, and absolutely easy to use.

This food blender has a capacity of 17oz and 14oz of volume. Designed with a built-in blade which conveniently prevents finger injury, this mini blender is absolutely safe to use.

The one-button operation makes it easy to use, as well.

You can blend to drink, or remove the base and walk around with the bottle as you slowly replenish your nutrition.

It can sit perfectly on the car holder and fit in a backpack, making it a gear of choice for gym-goers, yoga lovers, students, travelers, campers, bikers, etc.


Handy, versatile, lightweight and easy to use

USB rechargeable

Strong and fast

Easy to clean and dishwasher safe

Available in different colors