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Pokémon Kids’ Digital Watch with Silver Bezel

When it comes to kids, a gift box is simple enough to excite them beyond unimaginable levels. Now imagine the look when they unwrap the gift box and find this adorably cute Pokémon kid’s watch with flashing LED lights and everything Pokémon? Be ready with a camera because you will, without doubt, get to capture the best smiles and most excited faces you have ever seen.

Pokémon Go gifts are driving kids (and even adults) crazy. It’s the new craze and all things Pokémon are coming out rapidly. But nothing beats this Pokémon kid’s digital watch with official Pokémon characters adorably displayed on the dial. You will score big marks with this one and get lots of hugs from the little one when you get them this awesome Pokémon digital watch.

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Detailed information about Pokémon Kids’ Digital Watch with Silver Bezel

This Pokémon digital kid's watch is so far one of the coolest Pokémon themed gift items in the market. It's trendy, its chic, it's super cool, and most importantly it's adorably Pokémon! Any kid out there will be over the moon wearing this watch, and they will gladly brag it to their friends. All this for good reasons. The watch is super cute and super cool.

It’s a fun watch ideal for both girls and boys.  When you press the top right button on the watch, it will activate flashing LED lights on the dial. The lights come out in different colors including blue, red and green flicker which is super cool and will undoubtedly wow the kids.


Flashes cool LED lights to display Pokémon characters on the dial

It has a long-lasting battery

The watch is designed with a strong and durable build

It has an adjustable, non-irritating strap


The watch is not water resistant