Razor A Kick Scooter

With a new school year there is always going to be that “have to have it” item, and Razor Scooters are definitely the next new thing.

These affordable, foldable and lightweight scooters are a great accessory for starting the new year on 2 wheels.

What kid wouldn’t just love to ride it to school, around town, or over to their best friend’s house? Talk about arriving in style!

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Detailed information about Razor A Kick Scooter

The sturdy electric scooter is made from aluminum that is rated for the manufacture of airplanes, so it is highly unlikely that it won’t be able to stand up to the abuse that a child can through at it.

There are so many awesome features built into this ride, like the fact that it folds down to a size that is easy to carry and no problem to stow out of the way under a seat or in a locker until it is needed.

The flat black paint job with the red and white detailing of the Razor kick scooter is indeed just as sharp as a razor!

The handlebars are adjustable and should fit children ranging in age from 5 to 11 and will handle weights of up to 143 pounds.


Lightweight aluminum construction, weighing in at just over five pounds

Folds down to a manageable size for carrying and stowing in a locker

Fully adjustable handlebars