Casa Vivente Engraved Treasure Chest

Have you a family member whose 40th birthday is fast approaching? At that age, they probably have most things that they actually need, but a birthday gift that is a bit different and possibly a bit quirky is always welcome. Don’t bother with clothes or jewelry as the person’s preference will usually be different from your preference. Money is always useful and it will allow them to go and buy something they really want, likewise gift cards are usually a winner too. Both of these, however, are boring to receive (unless it is a substantial amount of course) so why not think of something to make the cash present less boring. The obvious answer is this item, a solid wood pirate’s treasure chest.

The Casa Vivente Engraved Treasure Chest for 40th Birthday from Casa Vivente is a fabulous, rustic looking pirates’ treasure chest made from solid wood and decorated with solid metal details.

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Detailed information about Casa Vivente Engraved Treasure Chest

On the lid are the words “40 Years Congratulations”. And at less than $10 you can afford to buy this and place a significant amount of cash inside too. The inscription is skillfully engraved and the quality of this little chest is suitable for a significant birthday like a 40th.

It will look so lovely sitting on the display shelf or on a vanity table where the owner can deposit their loose change at the end of every day or find a pair of cuff links and a tie clip before dressing for work in the morning.


This is an authentic looking reproduction pirates’ treasure chest

Skillfully engraved with an appropriate message for the birthday boy or girl

Made from real wood with metal features

Can be used as a gift in its own right or as a container for an extra special gift