Custom Personalized Star Constellation Map – Star Chart

We have all heard the old line that “the stars were aligned perfectly when we met” or some variation of that theme. Well, this clever and deeply thoughtful gift puts that sentiment on paper…or cardstock as it were!

What a great way to memorialize any of life’s milestones, a special date, a birth, or to mark an important life event. This personalized star chart actually captures the night sky at the time of your choosing, showing without any doubt exactly how the stars were aligned on a specific day.

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Detailed information about Custom Personalized Star Constellation Map – Star Chart

The date could be a wedding day, or the day of the birth of a child, perhaps the day of a marriage proposal or any moment in life that deserves commemoration. You supply the date and location and West Clay Co. does the rest.

The event (title), date and location (details) will be printed on the star chart as well, using your choice of fonts in order to give this gift a truly one of a kind feel. The final product measures 13 inches by 9 inches and arrives unframed. The chart is printed in high-quality inks and is done on heavy-gauge matte white premium cardstock.


Carefully researched and plotted using state of the art professional astronomy software after being given your parameters of date and location

A personalized and accurate view of the night sky on your special day, with your words, date and location added

Rendered in black and white to work with fit any décor’