Men’s Funny Socks

Most computer gamers are addicted to the hobby and like nothing better than to lie on the bed or on the sofa while beating up the latest cohort of aliens or goblins. All you can see in times like this are the underside of a large pair of feet proclaiming to the world that “here lies a master gamer, disturb at your peril”.

Seriously though, computer gamers usually spend way too much time on their computer and not enough time interacting with the other occupants of the house.

Why not make a joke about it: rather than him shouting at everyone who comes near, why not give him a pair of socks that will do the job for him. This pair of “Men’s Funny Do Not Disturb, I’m Gaming” socks will take away the need for him to be shouting all the time.

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Detailed information about Men’s Funny Socks

The lovely pair of luxury cotton ankle socks come in five different colors and is available in a ‘One Size Fits Most’ US Men’s Foot Size 6 to Size 12. Hopefully, the Gamer will take the funny gag in the spirit in which it was intended and take the hint.

The range of socks come in colors black; gray; orange; pink and white so if you buy all the set it means he can have a clean pair every day through the week (not including weekends). And at way less than $10 per pair, you can easily afford to buy him some. It is probably better than being told to be quiet all the time.


The socks come in five different colors

The socks are one stretch size and will fit any size between 6 and 12

Each pair costs a lot less than $10

There is a witty slogan on the soles of the socks