Paddywax Hygge Collection Scented Soy Wax Candle

Every evening after a long day at work, all one probably wants to do is soaking up in the tub and relax. One will need a few items to get in the right mood. One of these would have to be a candle on your tub side.

Candles, especially those with scents seem to add ambiance and help to relax the mind in the evenings. There is a wide variety but what one chooses depends on the personal taste and sense of style. This candle from Paddywax is beautiful and would make a lovely gift for anyone appreaciatingambiance and a relaxed mood.

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Detailed information about Paddywax Hygge Collection Scented Soy Wax Candle

The candle comes in bright pink, and gold finished top. The design makes it stylish to use in any space that one would like. The good thing is that has two wicks which add on to the lighting feature and ambiance. The candle has a unique rosewood and patchouli scent which fills the room with a soft and relaxing effect.

If you are looking for a candle that will last longer, then you can consider getting this one. It has a capacity of 15 ounces which is pretty enough to last you a while burning the candle. The soy wax candle has a ceramic vessel with a copper lid on the top. It a beautiful piece and can be reused as a décor piece after the wax burns out completely.