Ozobot Bit Extra Bot

The Ozobot Bit Extra Bot from Ozobot is a new toy to assist young ones (and not so young ones) with learning how to problem solve, how to program coded instructions and how to have loads of fun while doing it. Firstly, the bot can understand instructions given by means of different colored lines and can follow routes drawn onto paper in different colors or on routes drawn on tablet devices.

The user can also visit the Ozoblockly.com website to learn how to program by drag and dropping simple blocks of code into a full program. There are Android and iOS apps to play interactive games with the Bots at every level. The user can build and create DIY activities or even build their own Bot games to share with friends and the online community.

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Detailed information about Ozobot Bit Extra Bot

The Ozobot Bots have won many prestigious awards including Kapi’s Best Robot toy at the 2015 Consumer Electronics Show. It is so much fun at so many levels that anyone who plays with it will steadily be drawn into its simplicity and its ability to make potentially complex topics so much easier to understand. For educational professionals, there is teacher recommended, STEM-inspired lesson plans suitable for all ages.

In this box, the gift recipient will find one Titanium Black Ozobot Bit, one USB charging cable, one Ozoskin, one Ozobot Bit carrying pod, and some Oz cards. If you need to purchase some extra Ozobot Bits, the manufacturer offers Bits with various themes.


Loveable little Bots will follow the routes drawn out by the user and friends

Use different colors to program different commands

Progress onto real coding

An educational and fun toy for almost all ages