OXO Steel Chef’s Best Mandoline Slicer Fully Reviewed

At times you want to have meals ready in minutes. But, the preparation process can be dreadful and it’s actually the most time-consuming task in the cooking process. Thinking of the many ingredients that go into a meal, there is more than the basic recipe to serve the meal on time. That is where the invention of multi-function cutting and slicing tools comes to help.

One of the best gifts you can ever give to your kitchen loving friend, this Oxo Steel Slicer will make all the difference. There will be fewer struggles with blades, graters, and boards trying to get all the veggies ready for a salad or a meal. Gift this to your family and friends and watch them improve their cooking skills.

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Detailed information about OXO Steel Chef’s Best Mandoline Slicer Fully Reviewed

What’s good about this slicer? One, it is the quality that stands out from other slicers on the market. This particular one comes in sturdy steel and it's seamlessly finished for safety in the kitchen. The straight design of the blade cuts through hard and soft fruit and vegetables for uniform sizes. The entire piece is built to cut straight, crinkle, and waffle cuts for the best cooking experience.

More to this, the serrated blade cuts through soft textures like tomatoes, hollow ones such as peppers and layered ones such as onions. The results are consistent and clean-cut foods. The design features an easy-to-operate side dial to switch from one blade to another. Also, it is adjustable for a wide range of thicknesses for the vegetables and fruits.