Anemometer EnnoLogic eA980R – 8 Parameters

The Anemometer by ennologic is a multifunctional device that is very useful in a number of outdoor scenarios and settings. If you have just bought your son or daughter their first drone then this would be a must have add-on to make sure they use it responsibly. This device measure so much more than just the wind. It can measure the air temperature, humidity, heat index, dew, altitude and barometric pressure too. You will make any hiker enthusiastic when you present them with this and it’s also sure to spark a conversation that wets your appetite to start climbing & exploring.

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Detailed information about Anemometer EnnoLogic eA980R – 8 Parameters

This pocket sized device can be a sweet gift for chopper pilots, mountaineering enthusiasts, drone or model plane flyers and so many more. You can swap between many unit specifications and this versatile device also weighs a mere 2.1 oz. It is also rechargeable making it a great value for money option. The Max wind speed it can handle is about 65 mph. This would be extremely useful if you’ve got a friend who loves kite surfing too. Another neat DIY application is with respect to air conditioners where in you can check the airflow before and after service to make sure a good job is done.