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Original Stick’Nsnap 16 Baby Monthly Necktie Onesie Stickers

Your baby is growing and growing fast, but how do you showcase that on the baby itself? Want a fun and exciting way to showcase your babies growing age? That is possible with the Stick’Nsnap (TM) Stickers 16 Month Baby Necktie!

With these stickers, you can place them on a calendar, or even your babies clothes when they are going out. These large stickers are made of vinyl instead of paper, making it very durable and lasting for the time that they will be using it. Since you baby is growing month by month, this is a great way to show your babies development for each month, and each stage of their lives.

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Detailed information about Original Stick’Nsnap 16 Baby Monthly Necktie Onesie Stickers

These 16 stickers come in a variety of phrases, including “One Year Old” “I Slept All Night” and “I can Stand.” These are cute ways to show your baby off to other people and show their accomplishments in life. It was also made in the USA, so it supports the US economy every single time you make a purchase.

It also makes for an excellent baby shower gift! Just imagine the look on a new mother’s face when they open up a baby shower gift and see this cute little set of stickers for their new babies coming first months. They are also individual and pre-cut, which means that the new mother does not have to fret about them right after her baby is born.