Texas Tees – Matching Dad Tee and Baby Romper

Congratulations! You are a dad! The days of you hanging out in your decidedly dark man cave, eating pizza and watching your sport of choice or playing your favorite video game for hours have come to an end – at least for now. With a new human coming into your lives soon, your hands will be full – literally! – juggling household chores to changing the baby’s diaper and beyond. If that sounds like a lot of work to you, we welcome you to parenthood! It is a chapter in your life that is marked by baby poop conversations, sleepless nights and watching your little one grow up in a blink of an eye.

If it seems to you that parenthood is just all work and no play, that is where you are wrong, future parent. You see, apart from the moment your baby smiles for the first time, there are a thousand reasons having a baby is the greatest thing in the world. For one, you can have matching outfits with your mini-me.

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Going back to that time you lived like a bachelor playing video games in your man cave, in a few years you do not have to play alone. Soon your little bundle of joy will be able to pick up a game controller and spend countless hours with you, but for now, you can dress him up with a game controller. Not quite literally, but with this cute outfit that features a game controller and says “Player 2”.

If you are wondering why it says player 2, it is because you get to be player 1! That’s right, you and your little bean can wear matching gamer outfits to let everyone know that is how you roll.


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