Olive Oil Soap – 4pc Handmade Natural Gift Set

There are so many substances that can cause adverse skin reactions and allergies that it is refreshing to find a soap and skin conditioner that makes no secret of the ingredients that go into its manufacture. This knowledge allows the user to choose whether the soap will be good for their skin or not. Advertising an item as being ‘handmade’ is always a winner.

Not only is the item (in this case, the soap) made with care, but you can be sure that your purchase will benefit a self-employed artisan or small local company rather than a big pharmaceutical or cosmetic company.

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Detailed information about Olive Oil Soap – 4pc Handmade Natural Gift Set

Activated charcoal has been known for many centuries as good for drawing impurities away from the skin and the CHARCOAL MINT bar soap is really good for using as a general purpose shower soap.

COFFEE MINT MARSEILLE has an exfoliating scrub built into the soap and helps with blood circulation as well as skin tightening. ROSE BLOSSOM sounds gentle and this soap is exactly that. It is primarily a facial soap with kaolin clay to moisturize and cleanse.

The lovely soaps help the skin and do no harm. If the user suffers from Rosacea, Eczema, Acne, Psoriasis or simply dry skin you can be sure that nothing in these soaps will aggravate as long as the user has no pre-existing allergies or sensitivities.


The soaps are full of natural and organic oils and perfumes, all of which have well known beneficial effects for the skin

Three different soaps designed for different applications

Perfect for anyone to help keep their skin smooth and conditioned

There is also a wooden slatted rack included with the soaps to help them naturally dry out after use