Jane Iredale Sugar&Butter Lips Exfoliator/Plumper

This dual-ended stick includes a brown sugar lip exfoliator on one end and a lip plumper on the other. The combination of these features works perfectly together. It will make sure to leave your lips feeling smooth and soft even if they were dry before. It is recommended that the users apply the exfoliator fist to remove dead, dry skin patches. Then it is advisable to apply the moisturizing lip plumper to give volume to the lips. This duo is a great gift for anyone who is dealing with dry and chapped lips. It is a perfect birthday gift for someone born during the winter season.

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Detailed information about Jane Iredale Sugar&Butter Lips Exfoliator/Plumper

The brown sugar in it works as a gentle, effective natural exfoliator. The crystals remove the dry, flaky skin from chapped lips. The exfoliator even though effective it is not too rough and would not cause irritation. It comes with an antimicrobial protection to prevent bacterial growth and maintain healthy lips. It can be used every day without a risk of damage to the lips because it is made of a natural formula.  Another bonus is that it tastes and smells great. You don't have to wash it or wipe it before applying next steps because the plumper would not transfer from the stick. This makes this product convenient for travel use.