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Nutravana ‘Wellness Trio’ Gift Set

When someone is going through recovery from some sickness, it’s always a lovely gesture to give them a get-well gift to cheer them up. It’s a pleasant way of showing them that you care and that you are there for them during their difficult moment.

But sickness not only puts one down, but it also comes with anxiety, sleeping problems, breathing difficulties, and generally, it takes away all the energy leaving one weak. Therefore, along with the get-well card and flowers, you can help your loved one bring in back their swing in life by gifting them with this Nutravana wellness trio gift that comes with a complete set of bottled aromatherapy scents. The scents are meant to make sleeping time easy by improving their breathing and lowering anxiety.

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Detailed information about Nutravana ‘Wellness Trio’ Gift Set

Anyone going through recovery, whether from major surgery, or a severe sickness that put them under the weather will surely need something to help them relax and forget their worries.

The Nutravana aromatherapy gift set contains different scents and essential oils that have a calming effect on the body and effectively aid with sleep and improve breathing. Plant-based remedies have been in use since the ancient times and have always been effective solutions for troubled sleep and respiratory issues. This wellness trio kit is meant to thrive and cheer up someone and help them sleep peacefully without worries.

  • The scents are bottled in leak-proof roll-on bottles
  • The package comes with an informative brochure