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Just For Laughs Giggling Plush Happy Pill

They say, ‘laughter is the best medicine.’ Well, while there is some truth in this statement, how sure are you what you say or do will make people laugh? Think of a sick friend, family or colleague at work, how do you get them to smile and at least raise their spirits during a tough time of sickness?

This plush pill will surely make them laugh. It is designed to ring smiles to people that are going through low moments, be it illness, loss of a job or heartbreaks. It can be a gift for anyone including children above three years.

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Detailed information about Just For Laughs Giggling Plush Happy Pill

Let's get to know how the plush doll makes people laugh. It is designed just like any other doll using microfiber and top soft cover. But, what lays within does the trick. The toy has an inbuilt system that functions when pressed. That means that every time someone squeezes the doll's belly, it bursts out laughing.

This feature makes the doll suitable for kids as well as adults that need a little laughter to brighten their days. With the uncontrollable laughter the pill gives, everyone in the room is undoubtedly going to be infected with the same. For functionality, the doll comes with included batteries to play immediately.