You Know You’re Fifty When Paperback – by Richard Smith

If your friend or family member is turning 50 soon, it is time to have something fun for them to enjoy their birthday. Getting to fifty feels more like accomplishing meaningful goals like having all your children in school and seeing them succeed.

Also, it is the time where you get to chill from the forties where you worked so hard to save for your future. Whatever the case, every birthday is unique and requires a little spicing up here and there. And, if you love to give fun gifts, then you should get your hands on this hilarious book.

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Detailed information about You Know You’re Fifty When Paperback – by Richard Smith

The book is suitable for people that have a fun personality and finds a sense of humor in what they read. The author, Richard Smith has a collection of funny books that have made people laugh over funny instances in his stories. Before he turns 50, he has introduced this book to communicate his expectations when he does get there.

It is hilarious, and your loved ones will laugh at every statement. From opening the door in your bedroom slippers to spending your kid's inheritance on liposuction, the tags in the book will give your loved ones a hearty laugh. Also, it shows the recipient a feeling of what happens when most people turn 50 and the experiences that are there in the surroundings.