Nostalgia SMM200 Electric S’mores Maker

Here is a rainy day activity that everyone will get on board for. The next time the weather doesn’t cooperate with having a campfire and making every campers favorite treat the old-fashioned way, just pull out this Electric S’mores Maker SM200 from Nostalgia. The only things left to turn the day around are the marshmallows, chocolate bars, and graham crackers. See every bored and frumpy face light up with anticipation of the sweet and sticky, delectable delight. Everyone loves a S’more!

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Detailed information about Nostalgia SMM200 Electric S’mores Maker

The next time that going outside is not possible for whatever reason, why not bring the outdoors inside? This Electric S’mores Maker offered by Nostalgia is the perfect answer for what to do with the kids on a cold rainy day. Imagine their faces lighting up when they see this indoor electronic wonder. Everyone enjoys this quintessential camping goody; the rich and gooey marshmallow and the molten milk chocolate all sandwiched between two delicious graham crackers.

Seriously, what is not to love? No matter how glum and grumpy the crowd is, and no matter how bad the weather outside is raging, the Electric S’mores Maker SM200 is sure to turn those frowns upside down and make the day purely enjoyable despite the weather.


Fast and much easier than a campfire

An entertaining activity that is perfect for when the family has to stay indoors

Handy tray for holding all of the ingredients necessary for delicious S’mores