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My Cinema Lightbox

Do you remember the old-fashioned cinema advertising signs from when you were young? We do too, and that is why we think this product from My Cinema Lightbox is arguably one of the greatest gifts that anyone could receive. This product is a LED Marquee LightBox supplied with 100 letters, special characters, and numbers that can be inserted to produce personalized messages and signs.

The shell is made from black ABS plastic so you know it won’t fall apart with misuse. It is powered by six AA batteries (unfortunately not included) or a USB lead (the lead is included), which means the recipient can power this using one of the old mobile cell phone chargers they have laying about the house and cluttering up drawers.


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Detailed information about My Cinema Lightbox

The back of the Light Box holds a compartment where the unused letter tiles can be stored so they don’t get lost or mislaid. The Light Box itself measures approximately 12” x 9” (30.5cm x 23cm) and can be mounted on a table or hung on a wall. The tiles are of a size such that eight tiles can be fitted across the width of the box and there are three text lines across the height.

They can be used for wedding decorations, photo shoots or just to have a laugh. If you would like some extra letters and symbols, the owner of the Light Box can buy an Extra Letter and Symbol Pack that includes symbols not found in the standard pack.


This is a fantastic gift for someone who appreciates the old-time cinema adverts

Comes with 100 different letters, numbers and symbols

Can be wall mounted or free standing

Powered by batteries or from a USB cable