Creative Co-Op Ceramic Mr. and Mrs. Two Section Dish

Here is a small offering for a married couple that is as inexpensive as it is practical and pretty. When they aren’t wearing the wedding rings, what better place to store them than this Mr. and Mrs. divided jewelry dish with two sections for keeping their jewelry safe.

This beautiful ceramic jewelry dish is offered by Creative Co-op and is the perfect gift for any married couple, whether newly married or celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary.

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Detailed information about Creative Co-Op Ceramic Mr. and Mrs. Two Section Dish

This dish is created out of high-quality ceramic that is glazed for durability and beauty. It measures 3.5 inches tall by 2.75 inches in depth and it is 5 inches long.

It's is divided into two sections, one labeled Mr. and one labeled Mrs., both printed in basic font and in black ink.

The lovely divided jewelry dish it is just the right size for setting discretely on the vanity or next to the bathroom sink, where removing jewelry is a bedtime ritual for most.


The small size makes this jewelry dish perfect for setting on a vanity or next to a sink

Double dish, one for him and one for her

Perfect as a wedding gift or as an anniversary gift