Seven and Eight Sterling Silver Ring

Every cat lover just might appreciate this gift. Most of them love to wear anything that is cat themed or anything that resembles a cat. That is why this ring might be a perfect gift for them. The Sterling Silver ring from Seven and Eight is the most adorable ring on the market today. This silver ring is made in the shape of a cat as it has two little ears on the top and the whole circle ends in two cute paws. It gives the impression of a cat but in a more stylish and minimal way.

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Detailed information about Seven and Eight Sterling Silver Ring

This delicate-looking piece of jewelry is made from 925 sterling silver. This material is fadeless, anti-irritation and skin-friendly. The ring features an open type style so its size can be adjusted to fit different finger sizes. This also makes it able to fit on each finder of the hand. The ring has a simple and stylish design which makes it suitable for occasions such as weddings, balls, prom and many more.