North Country Wind Bells Nantucket Bell Windcatcher with Black Triangle

Wind chimes and wind bells have been in use since prehistoric times. They are commonly used to bring in positive vibes, heal the mind and body.

Chimes and bells are believed to create a sense of feng shui, ward off evil spirits and negative energy and instead attract positive energy. Moreover, they look amazing as décor pieces both indoors and outdoors.

Does this sound like something you would love to have in your home? Or would you like a loved one or a friend to have this item in their space to benefit from all the good vibes it comes bearing?

If you ticked the box, then, look no further for a perfect wind bell for we already have one for you.

The Nantucket windcatcher by North Country Wind Bells is a natural beauty known for its charming, rugged beauty and the courage it gives to its sailors.

When the wind blows over it, this wind bell will produce a very deep soothing mellow tone enough to be heard at a quite a distance.

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Detailed information about North Country Wind Bells Nantucket Bell Windcatcher with Black Triangle

This buoy bell will always bring these lovely memories every time its rung by motion. It will become a home’s port comfort every time it produces its lovely tone.

It is made from recycled steel and powder coated to acquire a beautiful textured black finish.

Measuring approximately 28" high, the triangle-shaped Nantucket windcatcher looks magnificent and sophisticated.


Represents the characteristics of the sea

Made of environmentally friendly materials

Echoes a single tone

It has a lovely textured finish

A great home and office gift item