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Dakota Watch Company Mini Clip Microlight Watch

In today’s modern world everyone needs access to the correct time. Everyone needs the time, but not everyone is able to wear a wristwatch. This can be through fashion choice, or a medical reason or maybe the wearer’s occupation, won’t allow it. In these circumstances there needs to be another option, besides looking at the phone every five minutes.

Well here is the other option: The Mini Clip Microlight Watch from the Dakota Watch Company is just right for those situations where wearing a wristwatch is just not practical.

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Detailed information about Dakota Watch Company Mini Clip Microlight Watch

It can clip onto a belt loop or a back pack strap, messenger bag, tote bag, hand bag or camera case. This watch is designed with the person in mind who has a trade occupation, hobby or just a preference where wearing a watch is impractical or just not feasible. This watch doesn’t just tell the time however, it has a built in flashlight with light supplied by ultra-bright LED bulbs.

As the manufacturer knows that the wearer will want to use the flashlight at night, they have made the LEDs give off red light so the owner’s night vision isn’t affected. It also has a handy built in on/off switch built into the case so there will be no more fumbling around in the dark trying to find the switch. To make telling the time in the dark even easier, this watch has luminescent hands and hour marks as well as a choice between 12 and 24 hour time telling.


Made from a durable allow and water resistant to 100ft

Includes a handy flashlight with red light so night vision won’t be affected

Suitable for males and female