DrySak Waterproof Dry Bag with Exterior Zip Pocket

When going outdoors where there is a chance of rain or being submerged, say kayaking or sailing, there is always a problem of where to put the car keys, phone and ID. Now there is a waterproof dry bag from Såk Gear called DrySak. This is the perfect gift for the outdoors person in your family.

The DrySak is constructed from rugged 500 denier PVC with welded and watertight seams so you know your gear will be protected from the elements or even if submerged. Remember that this DrySak is not designed to be used underwater it is just proof against accidental submersion.

There is an external zipped compartment just large enough to keep a phone, ID, wallet and cash. This is splash proof but not waterproof, so anything electronic is advised to be further protected by being sealed inside a waterproof bag. The external compartment is ideal to keep those handy items that you may need at any time but don’t want to go rummaging around inside the main bag.

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Detailed information about DrySak Waterproof Dry Bag with Exterior Zip Pocket

While we are talking of dropping the bag overboard, there is a long shoulder strap that can also be clipped to part of the kayak so that it doesn’t accidentally become lost overboard.

Even if it does fall in the drink, there should be enough air trapped inside the bag to make sure it continues to float until you find it. Plenty of reviewers say that they are able to tow the bag along in the water while swimming or kayaking.

There are two sizes available depending on how much gear has to be carried; 10 Litres and 20 Litres (2.6 and 5.2 US gallons). This ensures that all the gear that has to be carried remains dry and safe. As the DrySak floats so easily it would make a great emergency bag too.

  • The main compartment is waterproof
  • A variety of different colours and shades
  • Two different sizes available 10L and 20L
  • Some reviewers say that the external compartment isn’t very large and there might be difficulty fitting a phone, keys and a wallet inside, depending on how large they are